Workflows - Dynamic Process Control


The only way to evaluate a company and its personnel is by their results – this is the only thing that doesn’t lie – the results !!!! You either has fifty agreements signed or not… you either installed or not… you either won the court case or not. The Reports module tells the tell of the company’s and the staff’s results… an invaluable module.
The Dashboard Module – Many organizations collect a lot of data… Actually, the problem with most computerized systems (having been created by programmers and not executives) is that the input-output relation is bad… meaning you enter data much more than the data you get out.
The TimeMaker Dashboard module provides a personalized view of what interests YOU. It allows any user to set up an unlimited number of dashboards and put on those dashboards statistics, reports, the Matrix, etc…. it provides multiple viewpoints FAST, therefore allowing you to see the key data you really need.
Org Chart – Organization are a complex organism. They are born, they grow, get sick, shrink and die. Due to this process, organizations must learn how to improve so as to not perish when the next organizational disease comes around – and they always come sooner or later.



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