Project Management - Planning for Success

 Planning Introduction

Most things in most organizations repeat themselves. Actually, I estimate 99% of what is going on in any organization repeats itself and only 1% is brand new and unique actions.


Hence, most of the actions in the organization should be planned in advance and set up as a repeated series of actions and steps so as to thoroughly optimize the flow of production. This is what the TimeMaker Workflow is doing but correctly!!!


It does not create extra work and it does not create confusion. Instead, it is actually speeding up the organization, making it more efficient and controllable. When you will look at your bottom line, the results will be undeniable.
The TimeMaker Plans Module provides unlimited user-defined planning levels suitable for the creation of an entire plan from strategic planning to tactical planning, projects, mini operations and all the way to individually assigned Production Tasks. This is what needs to happen in order to turn any idea into reality – and TimeMaker gives you the tools! 
TimeMaker re-invented project management, making it possible to complete complex projects on time and on budget utilizing the most advanced planning method toady - Real Time Planning (RTP).



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