Mission: Possible    

TimeMaker’s Mission: Possible version has less components than the Professional version, but it provides all the tools needed at a basic office worker level.


It has the basic version of the advanced e-mail system, it has Contacts and Calendar Management and CRM, etc.


But, for example, the Planning module is at a very basic level because usually the Executive is the Planner in the company, not the average office worker.


Mission: Possible provides the tools needed to execute plans and do very basic planning as well.



  • With the advanced e-mail software, it puts any employee at an advantage solving a lack of productivity and efficiency.
  • The CRM lets the employees or sales agents run a close follow up on their prospect.
  • Where the executive previously did not have control over his employees’ work, he or she will now be able to know what each one is producing.
  • Increases the efficiency of each employee.
  • Will prevent over load of work on each of the employees, making sure all the time needed for the daily activities and the projects is allocated  and not overloading the employees or only one of them, as often happens.



Employees, Sales Agents, Anyone at or below middle management.


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