TimeMaker Professional Version

The TimeMaker Professional version includes all the components needed for you to run your company as a true executive.


It includes the advanced e-mail software, CRM (Contact Relation Manager), plans and projects, Statistics, Reports, Workflow, Meetings and of course your Calendar and contact management to name a few.



  • Lack of productivity in the company.
  • Staff problems.
  • Waste of money due to inefficiency and lack of productivity.
  • Lack of efficiency in general.
  • No order in the business.
  • Too many e-mails.
  • Cash flow problems.
  • In one comprehensivesoftware, you are able to see all that is going on in the company. This will reflect on the automated virtual progress board called The Matrix. You can see all the business-related affairs of your employees.
  • You can, at a glance, see the work load of each employee. You can see who is loaded with real work and who is not loaded with work, but just looks very busy. You can then channel the work properly.



Business owners. Managers. The Executives.


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