TimeMaker Matrix Lesson 3 - The Task Box


TM Matrix Lesson 3 - The Task Box

Study The Task Box Heading Lesson.
The product of this tutorial is your understanding of what you’re seeing in the Production boxes in the Matrix:

The color of the text indicates the state of the item based on the last action taken with the task.

Black indicates an item that has not been moved and is not overdue.

Red indicates a Production Item that is assigned to YOU is overdue.

Orange indicates a Production Item that has been assigned to someone other than you is overdue.

Green indicates the Production Item has previously been Date Moved.

Royal Blue indicates the Item has been reported as complete but completion has not been accepted yet by the Owner.

Blue indicates the item was completed on or before its Target Date.

Brown indicates the item was completed, but after its target date.

Purple indicates deleted or canceled items.

Gray indicates a new item or not activated item.

Dark Gray indicates a deactivated item.

The body’s background indicates the item’s location. White indicates the item is NOT in your inbox and yellow indicates the item IS in your inbox.

For example, if we look at this item we see it was assigned to me, to Meir, by Gal. It has a yellow background. Let’s look at my inbox – here it is. Now, let’s send a Clarification Request to the task’s Owner to get it out of the inbox… as soon as I hit the Send key the item is out of my inbox. Let’s go back to the Matrix – the item now is with a white background and the arrow points to Gal (the Owner) as the Production Item is now sitting in his inbox.

The first line you see in bold is the Subject of the item.

On the right you may see the following icons:

This symbol indicates the item has a Tag Date assigned to it.

This one indicates the item was nuked.

And finally this one indicates the item is in your inbox.

Next we see the start of the body of the Original Order of the task, plan, etc. If the box is smaller like this, and the item has been moved, we just see a note saying the item was moved (we also see the number of times and the number of days the item was moved). In the case of an item as part of another plan, we see an icon indicating what type of plan it is (here we can see the item is part of a Tactical Plan), and we also see the plan’s name. However, if we make the size of the box bigger, we will see this and the body of the Original Order.

Right clicking on the Production Task or any other Item allows you to handle the Item then and there. You have options to open it as normal or to Complete, Date Move, Reject, etc.

Double-clicking on any of the boxes will open the Production Item.

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