TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 6 - The Matrix


TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 6 - The Matrix

The Matrix – In today’s complex and fast world, real time information is key for success. As knowledge is the only true power and is actually a controlling factor in your income, there is yet no tool today that provides a real-time picture of what is really going on in the organization at any given time. Therefore, quite often, due to lack of information, executives and staff act on rumors, opinions and wrong data. The results are all around us – failure. One out of a hundred companies survives their first five years of operation...

The Matrix provides a real-time, comprehensive, clear and accurate picture of what exactly is going on in an organization, at all levels, while getting updated automatically without any human intervention! With the Matrix, you are able to do correct workload leveling, find problematic areas and actually predict the future of your organization and much more…!

The TimeMaker Matrix represents a revolutionary concept in organization management.

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