TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 5 - Calendars


TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 5 – Calendars

The Calendar – Most people use the calendar module of most systems just to set up appointments. This is good, but not good enough. Your calendar should include your appointments for sure, but must also include in it all the other things you need to do. Otherwise you cannot allocate your time for real.

TimeMaker is the only system that presents all that is going on in the organization on your calendar. You can view tasks, plans, projects, meetings, workflow items, CRM items etc. all on your calendar. This allows proper time allocation and load leveling and, like most of the things in TimeMaker, you may at first think that it’s just like other systems, but again, as soon as you start using this feature you will feel the difference. There are many wrong ways to do a thing and one correct way. Whether it is your calendar or your organization, TimeMaker has developed the CORRECT way to do it!

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