TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 2 - Introduction and e-Mail 2.0


TimeMaker Orientation Lesson 2 – The Modules

Welcome to TimeMaker! You are about to enter the future in management. We are no longer dealing with a management software. This is a leadership software! This tutorial will orient you to the various features and modules contained within TimeMaker.

Note: Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F12 will show you the names of all the main components. For example here is the Module List and here is the Main Menu. If we click on one of them, a little help box comes up explaining that part. This works in any module.

You can also access this feature by going to Help -˃ Show TimeMaker’s Names.

To exit this view, we press any key.

So, TimeMaker has various panels with various functions throughout the system. A panel is defined as a board having switches or buttons to control a specific part or parts of the system. The first panel we will be taking a look at is the Module List.

”Module“ is a term you will often hear which means a particular section of a program that does specific functions. From this panel you are able to select whichever TimeMaker Module you would like to work with.

The first module is e-Mail 2.0 – As you will probably agree, communication is the blood flow of an organization. Keep it flowing correctly within its predefined communication lines and all is well and progressing; but the moment one starts to mess up the organization’s communication system the organization is doomed. Therefore, the most important part of the organization is, inevitably, its communication system.

TimeMaker’s e-Mail 2.0 is the most advanced tool for managing an organizationʹs communication – this may sound like an overstatement, but I assure you that by the time you will learn how to use this system, you will think it is an understatement.

The e-Mail 2.0 module provides total control over all communication items and communication lines inside and outside the organization.

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