TimeMaker Matrix Lesson 2 - The Task Box Heading


TM Matrix Lesson 2 - The Task Box Heading

1. Understanding Production Tasks.
2. Understanding Task Actions, or,
3. Study The TimeMaker Matrix Orientation Lesson

The Task Box Heading shows several different things, and this tutorial will fully explain it. At the left corner, you see the “status” of the item. To the right, the Owner of the Production Item is noted and you can then see by the arrow direction in which inbox (the Owner’s or Performer’s) the Production Item currently resides. In other words the arrow points at the current user who needs to handle or take the next action of the Production Item. At the right corner you can see, according to the icon, what kind of Production Item you’re looking at - it can be a Production Task as in this case or it can be a Command, CRM, Plan, Work Flow, Meeting, Message or E-mail. We’ll go over these parts more in a bit.
Now again back to the indication you see on the left of the Task Box Heading. This is the “status” icon. The concept is to show visually what is happening with that specific task. Statuses include Created, Assigned, Redirected, Clarification Requested, Completed, Completion Reported, Assignment Rejected, Date Change Requested, Authorized Date Move or Redirected (you will get familiar with these symbols). Here it’s been assigned.

You can see Meir is the Owner of this Production Item. The Production Item’s Owner is always on the left at the box heading.

Next is the arrow pointing to the right – the arrow indicates in which inbox the task resides. This specific task is with the Performer (Gal).

Let’s look at another Production Item. In the case of this Production Item the arrow points to the Owner indicating the Production Item is in the Owner’s inbox. This happens when the Performer sent the Owner a Clarification Request or Date Move Request as those actions move the item from the Performer’s inbox to the Owner’s inbox.

The icon at the right corner indicates what kind of Production Item we are dealing with. The task we are looking at is a Production Task but it could be an Order, Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan, Operational Plan, Mini Plan, Milestone, CRM Item, etc. (you will get familiar with these symbols as well).

Pressing “Ctrl u” will toggle the names at the Task Box Heading between User Name and Real Name. A User Name is the name you use to log in to TimeMaker with, as in “Meir”. A Real Name is the actual name of the person as entered into TimeMaker, as in “Meir Ezra” here.

Hovering over the Production Item with the mouse will open a hint that shows the details of the original order. Pressing “Ctrl” while hovering will hide the hint.

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