TimeMaker Matrix Lesson 14 - The Save Buttons


TM Matrix Lesson 14 – The Save Buttons

1. Study Massive Operation lesson.

In this final short tutorial we will talk about the Save Buttons.

These are the save buttons.

Automatic Save Settings on Close – when this is selected, when you close the Matrix, the system will save the exact settings of the Matrix relative to filter settings, grouping settings, etc. automatically. Next time you open the Matrix, you will see it as you left it.

Save Current Settings and Filters – when clicking on this button, the system takes a snapshot of the current Matrix settings (filters, groups etc.). If you move away to another area of the Matrix, the specific setting you saved at that moment can be recalled quickly by clicking the next button “Restore Last Save Settings and Filters”. In other words, if you have created a filter which shows only items in your inbox, for example, but you want to go see something else in the Matrix at that moment, you can click “Save Current Setting and Filters” and it will be saved. You can then go do whatever you’d like in the Matrix and you’ll just need to click “Restore Last Save Settings and Filters” and you’ll have it right back where you saved it. You can’t save several separate settings, that is in the “save current setting” section over in “Filters”, however, you can save the specific setting you are working with.

And there you have it! The Matrix. Well done on completing all of the tutorials! You now have a very thorough understanding of the functions of the Matrix. The next step is to use it and reap the benefits. Enjoy!

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