TimeMaker Matrix Lesson 11 - Various Functions


TM Matrix Lesson 11 – Various Functions


1. Study Overall Load Leveling lesson.

In this tutorial, we will be going over a variety of easy to use functions.

The first icon we will take a look at is the Print button.

Clicking here will print a list of the selected Items in the Matrix. If you’ve filtered, it will print that list. If there is no filter, it will print everything. As you can see, the list displays the Production Items’ icon, status, Owner, Performer, Subject, Start and Target Dates – every detail you need to know. It displays the items according to target date – in other words, the first item will be the latest target date, the last item will be the most recent.

Clicking here will open a drop down menu that allows you to export the list to an HTML file.

Next is the “Today” button. Clicking this button brings today’s column to view no matter where you’re at in the Matrix.

The Find/Filter window enables finding or filtering items in the Matrix by typing text. Clicking the yellow funnel toggles between Find and Filter. When the funnel is unselected, the “search” is on. When it is selected, the “filter” is on. So, the funnel is unselected and we type “Securant”. The search will find and show the first item out of everything with the word “Securant” in its subject or body. Click the yellow up and down arrows to move through the items that match the search. Now by clicking the funnel again, the Filter will be selected and will clear away, or filter, any items that don’t contain the word “Securant”. You can click the yellow up and down arrows to move through the items that come up. The difference between the two is search keeps everything there and you can scroll one by one for the matches – filter clears away anything not containing the text you typed. Unselecting the “Include Body” button will cause the search to look for matches only in the Production Items’ subjects.

Next is the Evaluation Pull Down menu. This function presents an evaluation report for items you select or everything in the Matrix. It also allows for presentation of key indicators on the Production Items. This can be done in a few different formats.

Show overall evaluation report – This options presents a separate page with an evaluation report on the selected Items in the Matrix. It gives general numbers such as here we see “Number of Completions Rejected”. The report can be saved, forwarded as an e-mail or printed.

Show evaluation for all items – This option presents the evaluation of each Production Item on the Matrix within its box. The evaluation includes key data about the item including number of Total Actions, Number of days overdue, number of Date Change Requests, Number of Days Moved etc.

Show Evaluation in Entire Cell – this option simply shows the evaluation on the entire cell. As you can see, the subject was taken from view as well.

Show Evaluation for Selected Cell – this option shows the evaluation for whatever selected cell you choose only.

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