I Am Able To Secure Full Execution

Dear Friend,

My name is Yaron Schapiro and I am a co owner of Flash Components CC South Africa and a sole owner of Wonder Deck Ltd Israel.

I reside in Israel and run both companies from my office in Tel Aviv.

Flash has grown 30% over the last two years consecutive.

I can genuinely announce that TimeMaker has largely contributed to this. Since 2010 we have been executing our strategic plans fully.

Up 2010 we did not have the tool to verify that plans were being done by all management levels in the company.

Using TimeMaker I am able to secure full execution by all staff. Management has learned the value in using the system, getting plans and tasks done.

I have recently introduced TimeMaker to my Israeli company and it is showing fantastic results as well.

I will be more than happy for you to contact me directly.


Yaron Shapiro


Flash Components 




Industry: Mark/Pr/Adv

TimeMaker features mentioned: Plans


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