I Bypassed Him Full Blast

Dear friends of TimeMaker team,

I would like to share my experience that I got about 14 days ago. Thanks to TM I handled something that I haven’t been able to for a long time and that has helped me to “move” one person.

One of my salesmen had a task to create his own sale network of subscribers. It’s nothing special you would say. He wrote a letter, I helped him to tune it up and he sent it to selected addresses using the internet.

The TimeMaker Task ensured that all of his e-mails were under control. GREAT! But then something happened.

Every one of us has some capacity, patience, denials and thus failures.

And it happened to my colleague that he stopped to respond to the red lines in his TimeMaker. He would not expect so many refusals.

He started to search for the mistake; he rewrote the letter but refused to send it out again saying “Why to address them over and over?” Well in short, he got overwhelmed. He did not want to even hear about keeping his intention there.

Friday comes – his last day before his vacation. I come to my office very early, look into the Matrix (production view) and seeing his 9 (!) uncompleted Tasks got mad at him.

I bypassed him full blast and very politely wrote to all the addresses to let me know whether they would be interested in our offer or not. Believe it or not, within an hour, I got 4 requests – and they were pretty big.

This is a great win for me! I don’t need to tell you what happened with the salesman but what I need to tell you is that investing into TimeMaker is returned right away!!!

Rostislav Brodecky


Aluwin s.r.o. 

Czech Republic



Industry: Sole Prop

TimeMaker features mentioned: Matrix


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