Correct Gradient Of Training

Today I had TimeMaker training with Vendy Strnadova.

I had such a huge win because I have been using TimeMaker for about one and a half years but only using it for Emails and the occasional Production Task.

I knew the power of TimeMaker but I felt that it was very complicated and I knew that I didn’t know much about it.

I felt very envious of anyone who knew it well and could use it to its fullest potential.

The good news is that I DID know and have a clear concept of what it could do but I didn’t know how to learn all the functions.

I really wanted to learn but I was only using minimal functions.

It is funny however that I tell everyone how wonderful the TimeMaker system is.

Sometimes I want to show it to people but then I realize that I don’t know how to show anything apart from sending emails.

Now I know that I was simply lacking the correct gradient of training.

I needed to have someone go through it with me one step at a time until I understood each item thoroughly.

Vendy is an amazing trainer and she truly understands the need for simple, precise clarification of each particle in each part of the system.

She doesn’t go past anything assuming her student knows. I found it incredible to see what small but very important things I did not know.

They are things that I could not have figured out without the training.

What I thought would not be possible for me, I can now see is totally possible. I will be able to use TimeMaker as it’s meant to be used.

I think that all businesses should have access to TimeMaker and I have thought that for a long time but I wondered how they would learn the system, even if they had it.

Now I know there is a way.

Thank you so much Meir for arranging for Vendy to help and train me and thank you Vendy for being such a wonderful and perfect teacher.

Sandra Read


REinvestUS, LLC


Clearwater FL



Industry: Investments

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