Tasks Followup - Management by Statistics 

There are two kinds of managers in the world: those who manage by facts (and thus succeed) and those that manage by opinions (and thus will sooner or later fail).

A manager who manages without comprehensive statistics information is like a blind man or a computer without any data or with wrong data.

To manage by facts you need to have the facts available in real time, with no effort and in an easy to understand manner. The best and most accurate indication of an organization’s facts is statistics. In TimeMaker, by statistics we mean the metrics displayed graphically. This is the best way to view what is actually happening in your organization. 

The facts should be immune from human (or any other) errors. Of course, the system should allow for manual collection of statistics as well, but systems that are based only on manual collection of statistics are much harder to manage as they are prone to mistakes and falsification of statistics. Of course this is why this module allows for both options – manual and automatic.

TimeMaker’s revolutionary statistics module automatically analyzes the company’s communication lines and figures out the actual status of each person, project and part of the organization – it is a small science. Managing without these statistics is much like flying an airplane without any instruments – it can be done as long as it is during the day, with great weather and while flying at low altitudes, but don’t try to do it if you want to fly high, at night, and even during bad weather…. I think you get the idea…   




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