The Key For Success

Hello and welcome to our next tip! 


Today we will be covering a very important subject which most people know is important, yet somehow hardly use properly.


It is actually so vital that without it, nothing can exist. With it, you can take any dream in life, in business, even in relationships and make it come true.


It is, in fact, the key to ANY success. It is planning.


This subject is so vast and powerful that cramming it into one tip is impossible. Therefore, this tip will be broken down over two weeks. 


This tip is appropriately called TO PLAN OR NOT TO BE as a twist on Shakespeare’s famous line, “To be or not to be.” Because in fact, without planning, you cannot BE – nothing can exist if it’s not planned.


Let me explain.
Planning turns dreams into reality – without planning, nothing will happen.


ALL the things you see around you, from your watch, to your computer, to your food, even to your body were dreamed up at one point or another. The only way these dreams became a reality was because someone planned and then executed the PLANS.


The reason people fail to achieve their dreams and eventually stop dreaming is simple (by the way, this is the point at which a person dies – that moment he stops dreaming) – they FAIL TO PLAN and so they get busy executing actions that don’t forward them towards their dreams.


If you will sit and list all the things you have done in the past week and then ask yourself which SPECIFIC PLAN each item forwarded, chances are that most of the actions are things you “needed to do” but they did not forward any real plan.


If you will look back in your life you will see those things that became a reality were planned and those that stayed at the dream stage simply were never planned. To make one somehow “comfortable” with himself, one decided the dream was unreal, or too big, or whatever – these are all an attempt to explain why one did not turn the dream into a reality – but unfortunately these reasons are all false.


Dreams do not become a reality ONLY because the steps needed to turn those dreams into reality never got planned and so there was nothing to execute. Unfortunately, most people don’t know these steps…


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