Hello! I hope you are enjoying and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is the 6th of fourteen e-mail tips. It is simple but effective, and we’ve included some helpful videos and the usual do’s and don’ts – enjoy!


Ah… good times… nostalgia… We love these sorts of memories. Imagine life with no memories! This is why our mental records are so important – so we can look back, think about moments, enjoy them and learn from them. But it goes much deeper, and this is what this tip is about.


A person uses his memory to make decisions by referring to past experiences. The better a person’s memory is (meaning his or her record and the ability to access that record), the more data he has to work with and, thus, the better his decisions are.


A person without memory or with an inability to access past experiences will be extremely limited in his abilities - he or she will be slow, confused and will make mistakes. Makes sense, right?


A COMPANY without a memory or with an inability to access its past will be extremely limited in its abilities - it too will be slow and confused.


The company’s memory is composed of its written and spoken communications.


Spoken communication carry the liability of not being recorded and so inevitably bring about misunderstandings (arguments, upsets, things not getting done when you clearly told the person to do it, etc.) – more on the handling of this specific “disease” in future tips.


So, a company should insist that the majority of its communications be written. A company should put up a red flag at any production-related communications which have not been reduced to writing – this has a serious potential of becoming a problem!


To be able to access the written communications of an organization or any group FAST, they should all be filed in a specific, organized manner.


Most of today’s written communications are in e-mail form, and this tip is about how to give the correct solution for managing e-mail communications!


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