Atmosphere Is EVERYTHING…

Hello! I hope you enjoyed and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is the 5th of fourteen e-mail tips. I believe you will learn a lot in the following:


In life, no matter where you are or what you do, the atmosphere of the area sets the stage for what is about to come. It is a kind of soundtrack to your life for that moment. If you arrive at a party and there is a tense and awkward feeling in the air, chances are the party won’t get off the ground unless something changes. Much like in a movie, where the music sets your emotion (is it scary, is it cheerful, is it sad…), at work, your environment is your atmosphere and your soundtrack. Your environment defines your state of mind and, hence, determines whether or not you are able to operate smoothly and productively.


When you work in a noisy, disruptive, unorganized environment, this is the atmosphere set, and your production (if you do actually manage to get anything done) will be limited.


It is a known fact that power (explained in Tip # 2 – FIFO) gets generated by a concentrated effort on what is being worked on. You can’t push a car while smoking a cigar. You need to get all your attention on ONE thing to generate true power. With anyone successful, if you look, you’ll see they have a high ability to concentrate on one task at a time (refer to Tip #1, You Touch It, You Play It). This is the measurement of efficiency and power. 


Take a step back and think about yesterday’s production. How was it…? How did you operate…? You will probably realize most of your time was spent on “internal noise”. By “internal noise” is meant unnecessary additional clutter or actions (whether it is sounds, a dirty space, people saying things to you all the time, stopping and checking your favorite social networking sites, etc.). This “noise”, or lack of focus = the wrong atmosphere.


YOU can set yourself up to work in an optimum atmosphere. 


Imagine you had an extra four hours per day… How much more money would you be able to make? How much more could you do and get done?


The following do’s and don’ts will guide you through correctly setting up the atmosphere. This, guaranteed, will increase your productivity, create more time for you to do the things you love, and you will feel GOOD.


Here they are… 


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