Welcome to the first installment of our e-mail tips! Today, right now, you will learn the first of fourteen rules to e-mail efficiency. Let’s dive in -


In today’s world, for whatever reason, probably the hardest thing to do is to “do what you do while you’re doing it”. Again that’s, “do what you do while you are doing it.” If you can do ONLY what you are working on or doing, with nothing else involved, you will become a power house.


Conversely, when one does many things at once, he might feel like he is “multi-tasking” and getting more done, while in fact he would be much better off handling or doing just one thing FULLY at a time.


Let’s see why.


In life, every person has a certain total attention capacity. That attention capacity can break down further to what is called attention units. When your attention units are taken up, your attention capacity becomes limited and your power as an individual is demonstrably reduced.
Here is an example: A computer works much like the human mind. A computer has a certain Processing Capacity. When you open up one program, some of that Processing Capacity is in use. When you open up several programs at one time, there is a noticeable decrease in speed and power. Eventually, after opening up many things at once, downloading a video and sending out messages, for example, the computer will crash. It's the same with life.
We've all had those moments where we just feel like we can't take on any more or else - Crash!


The following “Do’s and Don’ts” we are about to reveal will ensure you operate with all your attention units and experience zero crashes. You will be amazed at the power and speed you will get by following these very simple rules:


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