How to Handle Emails

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A COMPANY without a memory or with an inability to access its past will be extremely limited in its abilities - it too will be slow and confused.,,,
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Tip 7 - The Key For Success

ALL the things you see around you, from your watch, to your computer, to your food, even to your body were dreamed up at one point or another. The only way these dreams became a reality was because someone planned and then executed the PLANS.
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Tip 9 - The Organizational Cancer

To have cancer, like in the body, one or more parts of the organization does not PRODUCE what it is supposed to produce - or it does not produce properly in some way...
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Tip 10 - Visible Vs. Invisible, Knowledge Vs. Ignorance, Living Vs. Dying, Rich Vs. Poor

Almost anyone knows what a submarine is. Even an 8 year old boy probably has dreams of fighting epic battles in a submarine....
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Tip 8 - To Plan or Not to Be - Part 2

We said every single thing that was ever created was first dreamed; and the only way it became real was through PLANNING...
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