We Are Different

Currently on the market we have several e-mail applications – whether it is Yahoo or Google.


They can all basically simply do “reply/forward/send”.


Maybe Outlook can have another one or two features of alerts. None of the e-mail softwares on the market incorporate other softwares that help you actually run the business:

  • Plans and projects incorporated into daily activities.
  • A single page of visibility into each person’s daily needed production (we call it the Matrix).
  • Work leveling of employees - prevents overloading or under loading of work according to the orders given.
  • Statistics - being collected automatically.
  • CRM (Customer Relation Manager) - A follow up system on prospects and customers.
  • Workflows.
  • Reports.
  • A daily to-do list.
  • Calendar and Contact Manager.

And some others…


Our Pride


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