Annihilating Junk E-Mails Once and For All

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Now, the second part I am about to discuss is the real solution for this problem.


What you need is an extremely powerful e-mail filter, which, you think, isn’t on the market… but it is, and I’ll get into in a moment.


Do you know those e-mails you receive which just slip through the spam filters or are from people or groups that are not really spammers, but still waste a lot of your time (for example, a group you once donated to and they keep giving various updates…)? If you take a look at these (somewhat annoying) e-mails you will see that with each one, one or more of the following is always a common denominator - either the sender, the domain (such as @makemoney.com or @xmailinglist.org), the whole or part of the subject and finally the whole or part of the e-mail’s body will be repeating.


So, what if we had a simple and fast way to tell your e-mail software to delete or mark as junk or even file any specific e-mail based on the sender, the domain, the subject or the body? For example, what if your e-mail software would automatically delete any e-mail that has in its body, the phrase “Make Five Million in Five Minutes!!”?? Voilà… our problem would be solved, wouldn’t it?


What if you could tell your e-mail software that all messages from “xyz@standardbank.com” with the subject line of “Monthly Statements” will get filed to one specific file named “Banking” – automatically? That wouldn’t be bad, huh…


What if ANY e-mail you determine which requires repetitive and similar filing or routing would be dealt with properly, without ever entering your inbox? This would be invaluable, wouldn’t it? It would clear your inbox of non-essential communications and, by that, would allow you to better control your inbox and, hence, your future. It would make more time… and more money!


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