To Plan or Not to Be - Part 2

Welcome to our 8th tip!
To refresh your memory, we last talked about dreams and putting them into reality. 
We said every single thing that was ever created was first dreamed; and the only way it became real was through PLANNING.
Hence, “to plan or not to be” (this tip’s name) is a twist on Shakespeare’s famous line, “To be or not to be.” Because in fact, without planning, you, or anything, cannot BE – nothing can exist if it’s not planned.
I am sure you can sense that this is a vital thing to understand if you ever want to succeed. Many people understand parts of this naturally, or they have studied about it, and therefore they find success.


 For the most of us who were not born with this innate ability, and for those who have never heard about this before, I will be listing out key principles and do’s and don’ts in order for you to achieve success with planning.
Sound good?
Let’s get into it!


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