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Instinctively, we look for the items we think are easiest to deal with and we delay the more “difficult” items. The problem is that those more difficult items become, in our minds, even more difficult to handle every time we look at them!


We are then in a situation where, on one hand, the wasted time is leading to a loss of power through double work, and we have the items that become, in our minds, monsters which we can’t face every time we look at them. This leads one to the feeling where he or she just can’t get up in the morning to go to work, the feeling of being exhausted and one more very important thing - STRESS.

Stress, by the way, is not what people usually think it is… Stress is only the accumulated backlog you have in your life. If you feel stressed or see others stressed, a light should go off in your head – handle the backlog!!!! …and you will no longer be stressed.


All this leads us to the actual rule…


YOU HANDLE ITEMS FROM THE OLDEST TO THE NEWEST! In other words, you pick the oldest e-mail or task and handle that first and only then go to the next newer item etc. until you come up to the newest item.


Note: This rule has only one exception which we will discuss in the next tip.


Failing to apply this rule is the source of the biggest problem in business - DELAYS!


It is the source of mountains of unhandled work, and in this unhandled work, there actually hides sources of income.


Every time I get a person to handle his unhandled work, we find money in there that should have been collected long ago; we find great ideas and opportunities, we find almost done products and services which can generate income, and so forth… a treasure chest.


The following simple do’s and don’ts will ensure you apply this rule effectively, and other than feeling good and powerful, you will be able to find your treasure chest and allow yourself to make lots of future money. In reality, this rule will rekindle your ability to create a future for you and your company…




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